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The Axis Light is a modular lighting fixture that relies on its center of gravity to maintain equilibrium. The brushed brass connector holds each dimmable LED bulb in place while the handmade end caps keep the piece visually balanced. The seemingly random placement of the bulbs makes the fixture appear to be in completely different configurations, depending on the angle, creating nearly limitless visual geometries.

The Axis Light can be customized with a variety of finishes for the metallic center and end caps, and with the LED bulb color of choice. The product can also be made to a custom size upon inquiry.


Materials: Metal with custom finish, LED, Acrylic

Dimensions: 11 H x 46.5 W x 23 D in   |   28 H x 118 W x 58.5 D cm

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

Starting from $4,000


Handmade in Brooklyn, NY