We are honored and humbled to have been recognized in the Architect's Newspaper 2015 Best of Products Awards. The Arc Light was chosen from hundreds of designs as one of the winners for the Visionaries Section. Check out the print version below or view the rest of the winners here.

The Arc Light is both a light and an art installation—and you’re in control. A piece of solid walnut conceals a generator that creates an electric arc of energy that pushes electrons through the glowing flourescent bulbs. 

The generator is positioned on the far right, making the closely positioned grooves designed to emit more light while the sparsely placed grooves on the left emanate a softer glow.  

The bulbs are completely wireless and only light up when brought to the hidden generator, transforming a stationary fixture into an interactive piece of art. 

The Arc Light is now on display at the WOM townhouse at 214 Lafayette St. in Manhattan.

Maggie Buchmann